Dark Road

Dark Road - The Second Book in The Dark Grid Series

Dark Road, sequel to Dark Grid: When the Lights Go Out, Permanently, picks up just a few weeks after the end of Dark Grid. A disastrous solar storm has knocked out power grids throughout the northern hemisphere, and life as we know it in America will never be the same. The Taylor family, Eric, Karen, Chuck, and Sherri were able to evacuate from their neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee before society collapsed, and join with the Tennessee National Guard to begin building a successful and thriving community in Natchez Trace--called Promised Land. First Sergeant Mallory Jensen was promoted to Major, thanks to orders from higher authority codenamed ARCLiTE...

Dark Road follows the family of Dan and Marissa Clark. Increasingly desperate under the despotic rule of the HOA leader, Carey, wary of the rapidly increasing threat from contagious disease, and slowly but surely starving to death; what will happen when a family with two young children, and a better destination in mind, decides to undertake a journey outside the purported safety of their patrolled neighborhood--only to discover that it's patrolled to keep neighbors in, as well as marauders out?

The community at Promised Land continues to grow--holding elections, annexing a town, and even celebrating their first wedding. But when Mallory reaches out to other military camps in the region, she discovers that ARCLiTE--and the forces behind it--may not be at all what they claimed to be...and suddenly everything is up in the air.


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