David C. Waldron


Welcome to the homepage of David C. Waldron and the website for Dark Grid. Here you will find information about the author and the three books in the Dark Grid series; Dark Grid, Dark Road and Dark Coup (coming July 2013).

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Critical praise for Dark Grid

"Dark grid has you gripped with its realness of the story. I couldn’t put this book down until i had finished it. Only disappointment was it ended a bit abruptly that left me wanting more from it--really needs a sequel!!!"
--Amazon UK

"This was an amazing read! David C. Waldron knows his stuff!

This book had me making a plan for survival, and stocking up on batteries and bottled water!"

Critical praise for Dark Road

"Great series, thoroughly enjoyed the first book and just as enthralled with this one. Great characterization, humor, and believable plot. Waiting for the next one. Just wish writing was as quick as reading. Recommend this series to anyone who likes a gripping yarn and a good plot. :-)"
--Amazon US

"I actually liked this, the second book in the Dark Grid series, better than the first book. I can't wait for the next book!"

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